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Blas y Tir’s Top 5 Presents for Mothering Sunday

Did you know that Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day are different? Mothering Sunday is the British version which takes place in March and Mother’s Day is the American version, which takes place in May. If you need some inspiration for this Mothering Sunday then look now further!

Girl with Daffodils logo
A bunch of Daffodils will brighten up your Mothering Sunday!

Mothering Sunday, which is the British version of the celebration, takes places on the 4th Sunday of lent every year and is the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much you care, and it doesn’t all have to be about expensive presents. We’ve compiled our top five presents for Mothering Sunday, and the good news is that most are free…

  1. A Homemade or Personalised Card

Creating your own card is a great way to make this Mothering Sunday a personalised event. Younger children will love the hands on experience of making a card, even more so if other family members or friends can help them along the way.

If you’re unable to find the time to create your own cards, you can always use a card-personalisation website and upload a picture, and use a personal phrase to treat mum.

Mothering Sunday Card with logo
Handmade Mothering Sunday cards are a great present!
  1. Breakfast in Bed

It may be cliché, but breakfast in bed really is a winner on Mothering Sunday. The pitter-patter of feet in the kitchen and the smell of fresh toast wafting up the stairs is a welcome start to the morning for any mum, although the experience is made even better if adult supervision is given whilst breakfast is made and the washing up is also done, but we can’t have everything right?

If you need inspiration for a truly Welsh breakfast or brunch, why not try our Wonderfully Welsh Rarebit with Blas y Tir leeks.

Welsh Rarebit Logo
Wonderfully Welsh Rarebit with Blas y tir Leeks
  1. Flowers

Need we say more? Flower’s always bring a smile to the face of any mum and are still one of the top presents to give this Mothering Sunday. We recommend skipping the beautiful but expensive classic options, such as pink roses, carnations and lilies and going for something slightly different. Why not try creating your own bouquet using seasonal flowers, such as Welsh Daffodils, for a truly Welsh Mothering Sunday? You can pick up some great vases in local shops, or use a small bucket, jar or pot as an alternative.

Daffodils with logo
A bunch of Daffodils is a lovely, Welsh gift this Mothering Sunday
  1. A Homemade Pamper Day

Make your mum some personalised vouchers this Mothering Sunday to treat her to a pamper day at home. It could be anything from a voucher for an hour long bubble bath without children interrupting to control of the TV remote for the evening, whatever will make her happy!

TV Remote Pic1EDIT with logo
Simple things, such as giving control of the TV remote to your mum can be a lovely gesture.
  1. Hold a Tea Party

What mum doesn’t like tea and cake? Holding a tea party is a great way to spend some quality time together and is relatively easy and simple to do. If you’ve got young ones the teddy bears could also join the tea party!

Our gluten-free St Clements Cake is easy to make and tastes amazing, just perfect with a nice cup of tea.

Rudolph Cake Logo
Blas y tir Rudolph St Clement’s Cake

From all the team at Blas y Tir we wish you and your mums a happy Mothering Sunday and hope you enjoy spending some quality time together.

Happy Mothering Sunday!

March 2016

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