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Why Choose Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes?

Spring is officially here, and that means one thing for our dedicated growers at Blas y Tir… Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes are being planted!

It also means that we’re heading towards the annual battle of the new season potatoes on supermarket shelves. Cornish, Scottish, Jersey Royal Potatoes and Pembrokeshire Earlies are all new season potatoes you’ll see at the supermarket this year and, with so many options, it’s hard to know which one to buy. So, as the official home of Pembrokeshire Earlies, we’ve picked our top 5 reasons that we think our Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes the cream of the crop…

Welsh Flag Flying, courtesy of Wales Online

They’re as Welsh as a Welsh dragon wearing a traditional Welsh costume, singing about daffodils and flipping Welshcakes. Need we say more?

All our Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes are grown, picked and packed in Pembrokeshire, West Wales by our dedicated group of expert growers. Grown on coastal farms throughout the county, our Pembrokeshire Earlies enjoy some of the best views of the Pembrokeshire coastline whilst taking advantage of the warm coastal air from the Gulf Stream. Once the potatoes reach maturity, they’re carefully harvested then packed at our HQ in Haverfordwest before heading out to the supermarkets. It’s locally grown produce for the whole of Wales.

They taste great! Award-winningly good actually…

It’s all about the taste. We know that no matter how good the story is behind a product it needs to taste great, and our Pembrokeshire Earlies really are delicious. So good in fact, that Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes carry protected food name status, just like our popular southerly counterparts, the Jersey Royal. Unlike Jersey Royals though, Pembrokeshire Earlies are not a single variety, so we concentrate on growing great-tasting varieties such as Lady Christl and Maris Peer throughout the summer season. Our Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes also regularly win food awards for their flavour, but we don’t want to show off…!

From field to fork within 24hours & with complete traceability.

We aim to get our freshly dug Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes from the field to your local supermarket within 24 hours. It’s a big promise, but one we’re continually aiming to keep. We talk to our growers constantly so we know exactly which field is ready to harvest on any particular day, which allows us to pack and send freshly picked potatoes daily. Not only do we aim to get our Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes from field to fork within 24 hours, but we can also guarantee complete traceability.  Here at Blas y Tir we know the farmer, location and exact field that each bag of our potatoes comes from, and that’s true for the entire range of Blas y Tir fresh produce.

They’re grown sustainably & with minimal chemical use.

“One of our biggest methods of maintaining the quality of our crops is practising rotation growing. Our dedicated Pembrokeshire Early Potato growers grow these crops on a minimum field rotation of one every four years to ensure we maintain soil health, to minimise soil-borne pests and diseases, and to keep organic matter levels up. This practice of focusing on soil health means that soil structure and fertility is maintained throughout the rotation, keeping potato plants healthy up until the potatoes are harvested” explains Blas y Tir agronomist Stephen Mathais. “By maintaining the nutrient levels within the soil we are not only ensuring fertile soils and sustainable farming practices for years to come, but we also think that the abundance of nutrients available within the soil benefits the texture, flavour and eating quality of the potatoes.”

William and Ed Richards Welsh Potato Growers

It’s a love story with the county, produce and growing for Wales.

Pembrokeshire Earlies have been grown in Pembrokeshire since the 1700’s, and our dedicated growers have been growing these special new season potatoes for generations. Many of our original growers are 2nd and 3rd generation farmers, and have started to hand down the day-to-day farming to their children, who plan to continue farming the Pembrokeshire landscape for years to come. What’s more, our growers own our business, so our success is their success.

Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes

So, if you haven’t tried a bag of our delicious Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes, why not? You can pick up a bag in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsburys, Waitrose & Coop throughout Wales from the beginning of June!

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