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Blas y Tir, the home of Welsh produce

Evolved from the original Pembrokeshire Potato Marketing Group, a quality growers’ co-operative formed during the 1970s and remains true to its collective roots, being owned by Welsh growers in Pembrokeshire.

Our commitment to Wales is strong, and not just because we think it’s a great place to live.

With our roots firmly in the countryside, we’re proud to work sustainably with local farmers and farmland, preserving the beauty of our unique landscape and supporting the region’s communities and wildlife. Our growers in Pembrokeshire and the Wye Valley are at the heart of our business and part of the Blas y Tir Family! Together we bring you the real ‘taste of the land’ or ‘Blas y Tir’ as we say in Welsh.
Barry Hathaway Welsh Potato Grower
Barry Hathaway - Blas Y Tir Grower
David Llewellyn Welsh Potato Grower
David Llewellyn - Blas Y Tir Grower
Geoff Lewis Welsh Potato Grower
Geoff Lewis - Blas Y Tir Grower
Graham Rees Welsh Potato Grower
Graham Rees - Blas Y Tir Grower
Ian Elliott Welsh Potato Grower
Ian Elliott Grower Information
James Morris Welsh Potato Grower
James Elliot - Blas Y Tir Grower
Martin Griffiths Welsh Vegetable Grower
Martin Griffiths - Blas Y Tir Grower
Raymond Bros Welsh Potato Growers
Nigel Raymond - Blas Y Tir Grower
Peter Scale Welsh Potato Grower
Peter Scale - Blas Y Tir Grower
Richard Hayman Welsh Potato Grower
Richard Hayman - Blas Y Tir Grower
Robin Elliott Welsh Potato Grower
Robin Elliott Grower Information
Skyrme Lewis Potato Grower
Skyrme Lewis - Blas Y Tir Grower
Scale Family Welsh Potato Growers
Scale Family - Blas Y Tir Grower
Walter Simon Welsh Potato Grower
Walter Simon - Blas Y Tir Grower
William & Ed Richards Welsh Potato Growers
William Richards - Blas Y Tir Grower

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