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Honey & Mustard Potato Salad

This Honey & Mustard Potato Salad is a great alternative to the mayonnaise-laden potato salad we are all used to. Great as a side dish for any summer party, it can be prepared in advance and is sure to go down a storm.

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  • 30 minutes
  • Serves 6
Honey & Mustard


  • 1kg of Pembrokeshire Earlies or Blas y Tir Baby Potatoes
  • 4 tbsp Sunflower oil
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 tbsp Wholegrain mustard
  • 2 tbsp Runny honey


  1. Boil the potatoes in salted water for approximately 20-25 minutes or until soft. Set the potatoes aside and allow to cool.
  2. Once cooled, slice the potatoes into halves and place into a large bowl. Set to one side.
  3. In another large bowl place the sunflower oil, olive oil and wholegrain mustard and whisk until incorporated. Gradually add the honey, whiskingas it is added until the whole amount is incorporated.
  4. Pour the desired amount of dressing over the cooled potatoes and lightly toss until the mixture glosses over all of the potatoes.
  5. Garnish with some fresh herbs and serve as an accompaniment at any summer party for a light and delicious potato side dish.

You Honey & Mustard Potato Salad is ready to go! You could also use this honey & mustard dressing lightly over salads and to dress salad leaves, a versatile dressing for any occasion!

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