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Inspiring Christmas Leftovers

Twas the day after Christmas and still left to eat,

was Turkey and stuffing and cured Christmas meat.

The roasties, the parsnips, the cabbage, the sprouts

would need to be eaten or face throwing out!

Struggling for a bit of inspiration for those Christmas leftovers? We’ve made it easy with our 10 favourite leftover recipes. Easy, simple and a whole lot tastier than the classic Turkey sandwich…


Turkey & Potato Curry

Turkey & Potato Curry
Image courtesy of BBC Good Food

It may be another classic, but our old favourite the Turkey Curry is always a winner. This recipe comes from BBC Good Food and uses up your leftover boiled or roast potatoes as well as leftover turkey, brilliant!

Find the recipe HERE


Gluten Free Veggie Pasties

Jamie Oliver Veggie Pasties
Image courtesy of Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver brings us this delicious way to use all those leftover Christmas veggies. Just pop in any vegetables you’ve got to create a yummy boxing day lunch.

Find the recipe HERE


Twice as Nice Tasty Brunch

Potato and Egg Brunch

Tuck into Blas y Tir Twice as Nice Tasty Brunch to use those leftover roast potatoes and vegetables. You can replace any of the ingredients with your Christmas leftovers, using leeks, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots or anything else you have to hand, just make sure the vegetables are cooked through before adding the eggs.

Find the recipe HERE


Chicken, Ham, Leek and Roast Potato Pie

Chicken, Ham, Leek and Potato Pie
Image courtesy of BBC Good Food

How about a recipe that uses up your Christmas leftovers and can be frozen for a later date? Step forward BBC Good Food‘s Chicken, Ham, Leek and Potato Pie, a delicious mix of Christmas flavours and a great way of saving those leftovers for a great, speedy meal another time. Either that or you can tuck in on boxing day, just like we’re planning to do…

Find the recipe HERE


Norwegian Potato Muffins

Norwegian Potato Muffins
Image courtesy of Love Food Hate Waste

How about something sweet? It may seem slightly outside the box, but why not try using your leftover mashed potatoes to make some Norwegian Potato Muffins this Christmas? Love Food Hate Waste bring us this delicious recipe, which is great to replenish those cakes and biscuits which will have been eaten prior to Christmas day! The diet starts in January right?!

Find the recipe HERE


Healthy Potato Cup Frittatas

Potato Cup Frittatas
Image courtesy of Love Potatoes

Get inspired with these simple and healthy Potato Cup Frittatas from Love Potatoes. Enjoy as a snack or a great boxing day breakfast for all guests.

Find the recipe HERE


Cauliflower Soup with Melted Stilton and Caramelised Onions

Cauliflower and Stilton Soup
Image courtesy of the Food Network

You can’t beat a homemade soup made with leftovers, and this Cauliflower and Stilton soup from the Food Network is sure to keep you warm over the Christmas period!

Find the recipe HERE


Bubble and Squeak Cakes

Rudolph Bubble and Squeak Cakes

Take your leftovers to the next level with our Bubble and Squeak Cakes, delicious on their own or served as a side. Get creative with these and get the kids involved making shapes of their own, a great way of getting the family involved with cooking as well as using up leftovers.

Find the recipe HERE


Leek and Ham Hock Gratin with Potato Rosti Topping

Leek, Ham and Potato Gratin
Image courtesy of Delicious Magazine

Cheese, leeks, ham and potato thrown together to create a delicious and simple evening meal, just perfect for a boxing day dinner when you’re all feeling full to the brim, thanks Delicious Magazine!

Find the recipe HERE


Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes

Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes
Image courtesy of Just a Taste

Check out these Cheesy Potato Cakes from Just a Taste, a great way to use your Christmas leftover mash and leftover cheeses, and delicious on their own or with a crunchy salad or cooked meats.

Find the recipe HERE


Remember to get stuck into those Christmas leftovers this year and get creative! There are lots of fantastic recipes of there to inspire you and make sure your boxing day is delicious!


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