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New Year, New Cooking

To a lot of us the New Year brings a sense of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, with most New Years resolutions hanging on giving up alcohol, giving up smoking or losing weight, but why not try New Year, new cooking?

New Year, New Cooking

It can be daunting and scary at first, but cooking meals from scratch can be fulfilling, therapeutic and satisfying, as well as a great way to know exactly what you and your family are eating.


New Year, New Cooking

Learn the basics

If you’re new to cooking we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to get you started (check out our blog on “How to cook Welsh vegetables”) and lots of yummy recipes to inspire you.

Pop across the the Eat More Welsh Lamb and Beef website for inspirational recipes, as well as information on how your cuts of meat can be prepared, which cut is best for which cooking method and a whole host of delicious recipes.

Top chefs such as Jamie Oliver have your ultimate guide to cooking skills on Jamie Oliver Cooking Skills, with videos and step by step guides to preparing all types of delicious foods, for both yourself and your children.


 Dipping Soup

Once a week

Okay, so we all live busy lives and, although cooking from scratch sounds very virtuous, we all know we’re not going to get there every night of the week. “I aim to cook one or two meals from scratch in a week and spend the odd Saturday or Sunday ‘batch-cooking’. Whilst I am cooking a Sunday roast I pop on some extra vegetables and boil, before blitzing into soups, putting in plastic pots and freezing. The soups make a great homemade lunch whilst at work, or light evening meals when I am too busy to think about cooking” explains Megan from Blas y Tir. “We’re all trying to make the most of what we’ve got, as well as provide our families with good meals, so a bit of time preparing goes a long way”.


Rudolph Potato Wedges

Get the kids involved

A New Year’s resolution is always easier when you have back-up, so why not try and inspire the kids in 2017 by getting them in the kitchen too? Child-friendly meals such as Fajitas, Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognese, ‘Baby Potato Kebabs’‘Rudolph Shepherds Pie Potatoes’ and delicious ‘Rudolph Potato Wedges’ are always a winner. The children will love to get hands on with their food and are more likely to try what they’ve helped make, a great way to get them eating those vegetables!


Hot Smoked Salmon New Potatoes Recipe
Image courtesy of Great British Chefs

Have fun!

What’s the point of spending time cooking if it isn’t fun? Make sure you choose recipes you enjoy cooking and eating and enjoy your time in the kitchen!

New Year, New Cooking!

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