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Potato Printing Playtime Fun!

Potato printing is a great way to have fun with the whole family, any time of the year!


Potato printing is fun for all the family and is a craft that can be enjoyed all year round, after school, during the holidays or on rainy weekends. Simple, easy and fun, potato printing is suitable for children of all ages and requires minimal equipment, using just a potato and paint to allow children to get creative and messy, producing their own works of art. It is also the perfect opportunity to teach children about different vegetables and the importance of healthy eating and living in a fun and pro-active way!

You can follow our step-by-step guide to creating your own potato printing stamps with your family…

We made a variety of shapes with both a knife and biscuit cutters

Firstly, we recommend that when painting messy clothes are worn and an old sheet, or dust sheet is placed over floors and carpets to protect underneath. Potato printing can be messy, especially with younger children, so supervision is also advised when painting is taking place.

This method makes 8 different potato stamps.


  • 8 Large Potatoes (Potatoes such as Blas y Tir White Potatoes, Blas y Tir Maris Piper Potatoes or Blas y Tir Baking Potatoes are ideal. Try to pick potatoes of different sizes, as it means you will have different sized shapes to print!)
  • Biro Pen
  • 1 Sharp Knife
  • Metal Biscuit / Playdough Cutters (optional)
  • Paper towels / Kitchen towel
  • Water-based paint (or fabric paint if wanted, you can pick this up from most arts and craft shops)
  • Paper, card, fabric or any material you wish to print onto (potato printing works on almost anything, so the sky is the limit!)
Bright paints work best


We recommend adults do this, as this involves using a knife or sharp biscuit cutters.

1)      Carefully cut your potatoes in half.

2)      Using the knife: On the flat edge of the potato, using the biro pen, draw a simple shape or design you want to cut out. Taking the sharp knife, carefully cut around the outline to create your potato stamp.

3)      Using biscuit cutters: Cut thick slices of potato and push the biscuit cutter through the potato to create a smaller stamp. This method will get you more from your potatoes, however you will not get larger shapes.

4)      Use paper towels, or kitchen towels to blot the potato shapes to absorb any excess moisture (the paint might not stick to the stamp if there is a lot of excess moisture). If you have the time, leaving your potatoes to dry out further over a few hours is ideal.

We printed on a roll of lining paper from the DIY wallpaper department!

Potato Printing:

Once you have prepared it is now time to print!

1)      Apply a thin layer of water-based paint to the design on the potato or potato shapes. Wipe off any excess as you go and move the stamp around in the paint to try and get an even coat.

Cheap brushes work just as well for applying paint, you could also ‘dip’ your stamps in paint, but this can be messier with younger children!

2)      Stamp the paper, card, fabric or any other items you have chosen with the painted potato design (pressing down for a few seconds with the stamp will give better print results!)

It is important that pressure is applied to the stamps to get a clear shape

3)      You can repeat as many times as necessary and with as many colours as you have available, let their imaginations run wild!

Imaginations can run wild!

Potato printing and making ideas…

  •  Create personalised cards for birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day and other celebrations.
  • Print homemade wrapping paper.
  • Print homemade bunting.
  • Create your favourite animal shapes and use buttons or sequins for their features.
  • Create festive decorations by cutting out festive shapes and cutting around designs.
  • You can also print with other fruit and vegetables such as Blas y Tir Cauliflower, which will create a different pattern without needing a design cutting out.

For older children you can make more permanent print designs:

If you have slightly older children, why not inspire them to print something for their bedrooms or the house? Using more specialist paint, such as fabric paint means the possibilities are endless! Why not try table cloths, napkins or cushion covers!

Have fun and enjoy potato painting!

We couldn’t resist taking a photo of the finished artwork!

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