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We’re on the hunt for Pembrokeshire’s young eco-warriors!

We’re on the hunt for young eco-warriors that are getting involved in the fight to save the environment, by sponsoring the Radio Pembrokeshire Young Achievers Commitment to the Environment Award.

Radio Pembs

Do you know a young person who volunteers to help protect their local environment and community? Maybe it’s someone who goes above and beyond to encourage recycling and responsible use of resources? What about someone who leads the way at school by starting a club dedicated to the environment? Radio Pembrokeshire want to hear from you!

Beach Clean Edit
Blas y Tir Beach Clean

The Commitment to the Environment award rewards young people for looking after the environment and community around them, making the most of resources we have and creating a sustainable future for Pembrokeshire. It could be anything from planting trees to recycling, to collecting rubbish at your local beaches, we’re looking for an eco-warrior that always has the environment at the forefront of their mind.

Beach Clean Rubbish
Lots of rubbish at the Blas y Tir Beach Clean!

Here at Blas y Tir we rely heavily on the land and natural resources, working continuously to look after our environment and protect the Pembrokeshire landscape for future generations. We’re always looking at ways for Blas y Tir and our farmers to use our resources more responsibly, reduce our waste and be more environmentally friendly. We are part of WRAP, the Waste and Resources action Programme, who work with businesses throughout the supply chain, from farmers to retailers providing information and help in making companies more environmentally aware. Supporting the Commitment to the Environment Award allows us to reward the younger generation for the steps they are taking to help protect and support Pembrokeshire’s unique environment for years to come!


Nominations are now open, so visit Radio Pembrokeshire to find out more and nominate! The awards take place on Thursday 17th November at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire – best get nominating!

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