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Our Farmers

Our Farmers

"It’s pride in our farmers, who get it just right,

It’s pride in our country – it’s Wales in each bite."

Our farmers are a vital part of everything we do. Not only do they grow the delicious Welsh produce we pack into every Blas y Tir bag, but they also own our business! Our dedicated farmers have been working the land for generations and are now passing on their knowledge to the next generation. Working sustainably with our farmers also means we're working to preserve the beauty of our unique landscape and support the region’s communities & wildlife whilst continuing to grow for Wales!

Meet Your Farmer

We think it's important that you know exactly where your food comes from, so all our Blas y Tir bags have the name of the farmer printed on the back... who's your farmer?

Scroll down to find out...

J R Scale 2 of 2 2

John, James & Morgan Scale

Established by their father Jack, brothers John and James continue to run their family farm based in Houghton, Pembrokeshire. John’s son Morgan is now involved in the day-to-day running of the business, growing 200 acres of potatoes. They have recently invested in modern potato storage to accommodate their expanding acreage.
Raymond Bros 2 of 2 LR

The Raymond Brothers

The Raymond family have established our largest potato growing farm over the last 10 years. Twin brothers Meurig and Mansel work with their sons Paul and Nigel to supply many varieties across 420 acres in North Pembrokeshire. The family is heavily involved in agricultural politics, with Meurig serving as NFU President from 2014 until 2018.
William Richards

William & Ed Richards

Potatoes have been farmed at Windmill Park Farm, on the coast of St. Brides Bay, since 1948. More recently, Will has handed the day-to-day running of the family farm down to son Ed, who is now the 4th generation of Richards’ to farm at Windmill Park, which also holds beef cattle alongside growing new season potatoes for Blas y Tir.
Ward Smithies 2

Ward Smithies

Peter and Gina farm on National Trust land and have won the National Trust Fine Farm Produce Awards nine times! Alongside growing potatoes on one of Pembrokeshire’s most exposed peninsulas, the couple also run successful holiday and catering businesses.
Walter Simon 3

Walter Simon

West Orielton Farm is 140 hectares on the historic Angle Peninsula and has specialised in potatoes since 1999. Walter is also part of Tir Gofal, (the Welsh Agricultural Environment scheme), and has given the local primary school a woodland area to play and learn in.
Skyrme Lewis 2

Skyrme & David Lewis

Dedicated potato grower Skyrme has been specialising in growing main crop potatoes, such as our Blas y Tir White Potatoes for over 25 years. Son David is now the third generation to be involved in the family farm, based near Llangwm.
Robin Elliot 1 of 2

Robin Elliott

The Elliott family have been farming in St. David’s for over 50 years. Robin is a specialist new potato grower, and specialises in growing both Charlotte Potatoes and our award-winning Pembrokeshire Earlies.
Rob Peter Scale 1 of 2

Peter & Rob Scale

The Scale family have farmed at Upper Haythog since the mid-1940s. Located in Spittal, right in the middle of Pembrokeshire, they’re not on the coast, but surrounded by woodland in the foothills of the Preseli mountains. Peter has been farming since he can remember, with son Rob now taking on the day-to-day farming.
RE Evans 2

Rachel Evans

The Evans family have been growing potatoes for two generations. The mixed livestock and arable farm is situated in the St. Brides area, South West Pembrokeshire. Rachel specialises in growing Pembrokeshire Earlies, Daffodils and Cauliflowers for Blas y Tir.
Martin Griffiths 2

Martin Griffiths

Martin farms inland, just three miles down from the Preseli Mountains at Hook Farm. The family farm grows brassica's for Blas y Tir, growing both Savoy Cabbage and Cauliflower. Martin also grows a small amount of Welsh Daffodils and our very first Pembrokeshire Earlies of the year, starting early May.
Mark Richards1

Mark Richards

Mark has been growing for us for the past 5 years, and has recently become a dedicated grower. He has farmed in a mixed livestock and arable rotation for 30 years on the outskirts of Pembroke. At busy times his family members help out on farm.
James Morris 2

James Morris

The third generation to farm at Llandigige Fawr, the historic city of St. Davids is only four miles away from the yard of this coastal farm. James specialises in growing main crop potatoes, such as our Blas y Tir White Potatoes.
Ian Elliott 2

Ian Elliott

Cresswell Barn Farm is in Cresswell Quay at the upper end of the Cleddau Estuary, where the village is justly famous for its popular historic pub, the Cresselly Arms! Ian and wife Fiona started growing potatoes here in 1999, with son Patrick now helping run the farm.
Hayman Norton

Richard Hayman

Richard grows with his two sons, Toby and Luke (pictured) at Norton Farm in Rosemarket, overlooking the Cleddau estuary. They grow late storage Estima Baking Potatoes and Maris Piper. They also farm cattle, ewes, and grow winter barley and spring cereals.
Geoff Lewis

Geoff Lewis

Based in St. Brides in the Dale Peninsula, Geoff has been growing main crop potatoes for as long as he can remember. He is dedicated to growing quality produce he can be proud of!
David Llewellin

David Llewellyn

David joined the team in 1995, when he was 18. David is one of our late season storage growers, growing both Maris Piper and Estima Baking Potatoes for us.
Graham Rees 11 of 2

Graham Rees

Graham Rees farms near St. Davids (the UK’s smallest city) and is the third generation to run the family farm. His son and daughter are aspiring to become the fourth generation. Many of Graham's crops are grown in fields which overlook the award-winning Whitesands beach.
Barry Hathaway

Barry Hathaway

Based in Angle, Pembrokshire, Barry and his family have been farming Broomhill Farm for three generations. They have a mixed dairy and arable farm, and specialise in supplying Pembrokshire Earlies to Blas y Tir.