Home of award winning Welsh fresh produce

Working very closely with our team of expert farmers, we’re proud to bring you a range of delicious potatoes and seasonal vegetables that are all grown in Wales and packed in the heart of Pembrokeshire!

Our wonderful produce

Our award-winning Pembrokeshire Earlies are our most famous potato!

Our Blas y Tir Bakers do exactly what it says on the pack – they make the best jacket potatoes!

The best All Rounders will see you through any recipe! Family feast to cater for? Last minute mid-week meal to rustle up?

We love our deliciously sweet, thin-skinned baby potatoes simply boiled and tossed in a little salted butter and herbs!

Deep red Rudolph Potatoes are not just good to look at, but they’re also a really versatile and reliable all-round performer!

No wonder it’s one of Britain’s most favourite spuds!

A traditional symbol of Wales, our wonderful Welsh Leeks are a national treasure!

Step into spring with our blooming great Welsh Daffodils!

Discover delicious recipes

You can’t beat a good potato salad at a summer BBQ!

Aloo Gobi – ‘Aloo’ meaning potato, and ‘Gobi’ meaning Cauliflower is an Indian cuisine usually served as a side dish.

Samosas are traditionally made with filo pastry, which can be tricky to work with as it’s so delicate and breaks very easily when handled.

This ridiculously simple mid-week meal is perfect for a busy household.

A classic creamy leek and potato soup topped with a cheesy Welsh twist.

Simple yet highly seasoned stir-fried Savoy Cabbage, for quick cooking with an oriental kick!

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