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fun fact: blas y tir is welsh for 'taste of the land'

The Blas Y Tir story..


Puffin Produce launches the brand, Blas y Tir (Welsh for ‘Taste of the Land’)! Born out of an aim to bring customers authentically Welsh produce, grown by local farmers and packed in Wales.


Pembrokeshire Earlies star in the first ever TV ad campaign for Welsh veg.


Pembrokeshire Earlies gain the EU’s coveted ‘PGI’ product status (Protected Geographical Indicator). This means this very special spud is protected for its name and quality.


Welsh Leeks gain the PGI status, alongside the Pembrokeshire Earlies. This means that only leeks grown in Wales under specific conditions, with special characteristics can be named Welsh Leeks, making them super special!

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