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Our Produce

Our Produce

"The fruitful Welsh soil and the salty sea air,

Each crop grown with passion, each plant grown with care."

Welsh produce for Welsh consumers! It's a simple promise that's at the heart of everything we do. All of our produce is grown in Wales and packed in the heart of Pembrokeshire... and that's the way its going to stay.

You'll find all our our delicious produce on supermarket shelves throughout Wales, just ready to be whisked away to a loving home and treated with the care and attention it deserves.

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In Season Now

Blas Potatoes In hands 1

Pembrokeshire Earlies

Our award-winning Pembrokeshire Earlies are our most famous potato! Thanks to the Gulf Stream hugging the coastline, Pembrokeshire’s mild, frost-free coastal climate is perfect for growing these seasonal new potatoes, which have been grown in the county since the 1700's. The unique climate and coastal soils work perfectly together to give our renowned Blas y Tir Pembrokeshire Earlies their full flavour, fine skins and smooth, creamy texture. In 2013 our Pembrokeshire Earlies were awarded Protected Geographical Indicator Status (PGI) by the European Commission, meaning they have the same protection as Champagne and Parma Ham... not bad for a little new potato from West Wales!

Our very first Pembrokeshire Earlies are still handpicked in May and sold dirty to keep their delicate skin intact! Our delicious Pembrokeshire Earlies are available in stores from June - September .

Our Potatoes

Bakers Crop

Bakers Potatoes

Our Blas y Tir Bakers do exactly what it says on the pack – they make the best jacket potatoes! Baked whole, their firm yet fluffy texture means they stay moist and fluffy on the inside whilst their skins get nice and crispy on the outside. Picked for size, our Bakers also make fantastic chunky wedges and roast potatoes for the whole family to enjoy.

You'll find our fluffy Blas y Tir Bakers in stores all year round!

All Rounder Potatoes

All Rounder Potatoes

The best All Rounders will see you through any recipe! Family feast to cater for? Last minute mid-week meal to rustle up? Extravagant dinner for two planned? We've got you covered. With a firm texture and a smooth skin, our All Rounders are excellent for boiling, steaming and mashing... but they also make yummy roasties and jackets too!

You can find our versatile All Rounders in stores all year round!

Baby Potatoes Close Up

Baby Potatoes

We love our deliciously sweet, thin-skinned baby potatoes simply boiled and tossed in a little salted butter and herbs! Their waxy texture means they hold their shape when boiled, which makes them a perfect potato for the classic potato salad, or any other salad dish too.

Our wonderfully Welsh Baby Potatoes are in stores from September - June.

Rudolph Potatoes

Rudolph Potatoes

Deep red Rudolph Potatoes are not just good to look at, but they’re also a really versatile and reliable all-round performer! With a slightly sweeter flavour and a creamy, buttery texture, Rudolph Potatoes make the perfect fluffy baker - soft and fluffy on the inside with a crispy skin on the outside. They also make fantastic creamy mash and delicious roast potatoes, taking on a slightly caramelised flavour when roasted.

Head to your local store between September - April to grab a bag of our creamy Rudolph Potatoes.

Maris Piper Possibly

Maris Piper Potatoes

No wonder it’s one of Britain’s most favourite spuds! The multi-talented Maris Piper is a great all-round choice, but is particularly good for making crispy roasties, moreish chips and smooth, creamy mash. It’s fluffy yet waxy texture means the potato holds it's shape when it's par boiled, but the edges go fluffy when shaken. It's this combination that creates the best roast potatoes and chips around... not to mention they taste great too!

You can grab a bag of the nation's favourite, grown in our wonderful Welsh soils, in your local store all year round!

Other Produce



Our delicious Welsh Broccoli are one of the newer additions to the Blas y Tir family. Grown in the heart of Pembrokeshire, our Welsh Broccoli is delicious simply steamed, enjoyed as part of a broccoli cheese or lightly roasted for tender, yet crispy florets. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out our recipes page!

You'll find our seasonal Welsh Broccoli in stores July - October.

Martin Griffiths Daffs 2 of 5 LR


Step into spring with our blooming great Welsh Daffodils! Grown in the rich soils of Pembrokeshire, our Welsh Daffodils encompass everything about the national emblem of Wales. Our dedicated farmers grow a number of different varieties of daffodils to make sure that every house in Wales is able to have a bunch of truly Welsh daffodils on their kitchen table for the biggest annual celebration of Wales - St. Davids Day!

You'll find our blooming great Welsh Daffodils in stores from January - April.



A traditional symbol of Wales, our wonderful Welsh Leeks are a national treasure! Grown in the rich crumbly soil of Pembrokeshire, our Welsh Leeks are packed with a mild, yet sweet flavour that really makes them stand out from the crowd. Versatile and easy to prepare, they're delicious enjoyed simply stir-fried in a little salted butter, smothered in a cheesy sauce or added to a classic pie filling. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out our recipes page!

Our seasonal Welsh Leeks are available in stores from August - April.


Spring Onions

A sign of the great British Summer, our seasonal Welsh Spring Onions bring summer to your plate! A milder option to a traditional onion, spring onions are a delicious choice whether enjoyed cooked or raw. They take on a sweeter flavour when grilled and stir-fried, but remain sharp when enjoyed raw in a salad. Visit our recipe page for more inspiration!

You'll find our seasonal Welsh Spring Onions available in stores from June - September.


Savoy Cabbage

Rich in nutrients and low in calories, our tasty Welsh Savoy Cabbage is a great addition to a balanced diet. The crinkly dark green leaves and mild, sweet flavour makes it a favourite for shredding into soups, stews and even risottos. It’s crunchy texture also makes it an ideal accompaniment for good old mash and bacon, but it is also just as tasty fried, steamed or boiled!

You can find our tasty Welsh Savoy Cabbage available in stores most of the year.

Cauli 2


Now considered part of the 'Superfood' club by nutritionists and experts, cauliflower is not only good for your health, but brilliantly versatile and delicious enjoyed in a range of ways. Grown in the heart of Pembrokeshire, our Welsh Cauliflower is perfect for steaming, roasting, stir frying or grating for cauliflower 'rice'. Served with a classic cheese sauce, added to a tasty homemade curry or enjoyed roasted whole - we've lots of exciting recipes to inspire you on our recipes page!

Get your hands on our super Welsh Cauliflower in stores all year-round!