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Autumnal Green Vegetables

Autumnal Green Side Salad

Autumnal Green Vegetables

This lovely autumnal salad is delicious on its own or as the perfect accompaniment to a hotpot!






  • 1 Blas y Tir leek
  • 4 Rashers oak smoked bacon (Edwards of Conwy)
  • 300 g Frozen peas
  • 30 g Vintage cheddar (Dragon)
  • Large knob of salted butter (Dragon)
  • Sprig fresh Thyme
  • Salt & Pepper
Autumnal Green Side Salad


  1. Melt the butter in a frying pan, add bacon and leeks. Add thyme. Cook until bacon is cooked through and leeks are soft.
  2. Add peas and cook for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Add a little salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Place in a large bowl and crumble cheese all over.

Top Tip

Cook the bacon until it is nice and crispy!