Pembrokeshire Earlies make a return!

June marks the return of our award-winning PGI Pembrokeshire Earlies, our most famous (and eagerly anticipated) spud!

Pembrokeshire Earlies season runs from around June – early September and the very first harvest is still done by hand! Sold loose and unwashed at the start of the season, these handpicked beauties have delicate flaky skin, which is why they have to be handled with care. 

So, what makes Pembrokeshire Earlies so special?

Thanks to the Gulf Stream hugging the coastline, Pembrokeshire’s mild, frost-free coastal climate is perfect for growing these seasonal new potatoes, which have been grown in the county since the 1700’s. The unique climate and coastal soils work perfectly together to give our renowned Blas y Tir Pembrokeshire Earlies their full flavour, fine skins and smooth, creamy texture.

In 2013 our Pembrokeshire Earlies were awarded Protected Geographical Indicator Status (PGI) by the European Commission, meaning they have the same protection as Champagne and Parma Ham… not bad for a little new potato from West Wales!

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