Broccoli Pesto & Ricotta Pizza

Time: 15 mins
Serves: 8
Tags: 15 Min Meals, Family, Vegetarian


Take your pizza to the next level and explore those vegetarian flavours with this broccoli pesto and ricotta pizza, made exclusively for us by Pizza Pop-Up Restaurant Ffwrnes Pizza! Get stuck in before tucking in, and try making your own pizza at home!


  • 1000 g ’00’ Flour, with high gluten content
  • 2 g Fresh Baker’s Yeast
  • 600ml Cold Water
  • 30 g Table Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • 1 Red Pepper (roasted)
  • 250 g Ricotta Cheese
  • 0.5 Lemon
  • 250 g Fresh Basil
  • 2 Florets of Blas y Tir Broccoli


  1. MAKING THE BASE: 1. For the full method on making your Neapolitan base, please see our recipe for Creamy Leek & Potato Pizza.
  2. MAKING THE BROCCOLI PESTO: 1. Blend the basil and broccoli together, adding small amounts of oil at a time. Once you are satisfied with the consistency add the garlic and lemon juice and continue to blend.
  3. COOKING THE NEAPOLITAN PIZZA: 1. Pre-heat the grill to its highest setting. 2. Heat a non-stick frying pan to high. 3. Take one of your stretched dough balls and lay it flat in the frying pan. 4. Spread a thin layer of the freshly made broccoli pesto onto the dough, leaving a couple of centimetres around the edge for the crust. Add the remainder of the toppings, 5. Once the base of the pizza has browned (about 1-2 minutes), take the frying pan and place it on the highest shelf, under the grill. 6. Once the crust has taken on some colour (again about 1-2 minutes).

Top Tip

We recommend making the dough 24 hours before use so that the flavours can really develop. If you’re interested in finding out more about about Ffwrnes, why not visit their Instagram page, here!

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